Co-working is the future of work

Give co-working a try

The co-working movement is taking the business world by storm. It involves people from different organisations sharing a working environment (quite often an office with desks). It’s not a new concept. The basic idea dates back hundreds of years. English coffee houses in the 17th and 18th centuries were early predecessors.

Many people associate co-working with start-up companies looking for flexible access to low cost premises and networking opportunities.


Beyond corporate walls

Yet larger companies with their own corporate real estate are trying it, too. Many times, this takes the form of encouraging mobile-equipped employees to work from client sites. But if they have surplus space inside their corporate walls, these larger companies may invite the local business community to work alongside them. Allowing others to work onsite creates corporate real estate porosity, which companies are increasingly considering effective as part of wider marketing, customer engagement and innovation strategies.

Read what BloombergBusiness has to say about Co-Working Spaces Are Going Corporate.

Important benefits of co-working

  • Reducing isolation
  • Growth of personal and professional networks
  • Fostering a sense of community
  • Creating collaboration opportunities
  • The innovation that springs from chance encounters (also known as “assisted serendipty”)


Could your corporate real estate use some porosity?

If your business would like to try welcoming in the wider business community to reap the benefits of co-working, we can help create the right work setting to support it. Co-working packages – complete with collaborative, power integrated furniture – are available on a purchase or rental basis.

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