Furniture for social spaces


Flexible design

As a brand, Frövi are dedicated to “furniture for social spaces”. The client was looking for pieces that would work in several different ways anywhere in the space. We knew Frövi furniture elements would be a perfect fit for this building.

We used some of Frövi’s contemporary block tables and a selection of different seating in the central kitchen and chillout area. Everything is mix and match to support adaptability and movement.


block table and drum stools

block table and drum stools


Eating, meeting and movement

The playful drum stools lend themselves very nicely to dining as well as meeting seating. Staff with a coffee in one hand and a laptop in the other often roll them across the room with their foot as they go to work for a few minutes at a colleague’s desk.

beautiful Frövi bar stools

beautiful Frövi bar stools


Find out more about the work we did for Visualsoft.


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