Project brief


• Develop a new working style, with agile working areas and collaboration space
• Create a better welfare area
• Reduction in floor plates from four floors to two floors but keeping the same amount of staff
• New build walls & ceilings, kitchen, flooring & FF&E

Space analysis

Gordons LLP came to Dale Office Interiors to realise a quite unique project, to better utilise their space to create a more open plan working environment, something relatively unheard of in their sector.

Firstly they needed to reduce their office space from 4 floors to 2 floors, yet keep the same amount of staff. A space analysis exercise was conducted by the team at Dale to discover how to make this possible, with unique desk spacing and open plan design achieving this objective.

This resulted in Gordons becoming the first major law firm in the country to go completely open plan, removing private office space for fee earners and integrating them within the rest of the workforce, creating a new working style to promote agile workspace and collaboration.

Private booths were created to provide increased breakout space with accessible canteens providing better welfare and further meeting space.

New build walls and ceilings were constructed, with Dale Office Interiors installing flooring, and furniture, fittings & equipment (FF&E) using quality brands like Frovi, Autex, Rack and Viasit.

Brand values were incorporated including corporate colour schemes and the utilisation of antique law report books as coathooks, breathing new life into the history of the firm.

The completed 10-week programme was the culmination of 18 months planning.

Points of note

  • Manufacturer brands: Frovi, Autex, Rack, Viasit
  • Space: 9,600 ft2
  • Timescale: 10 weeks
  • Location: Leeds