Project brief

  • With so many new client meetings and projects on the go, we took the opportunity to re-purpose our own space to suit our changing needs.
  • Taking what was a traditional office furniture showroom, we created a neighbourhood of Agile work settings.
  • Design intelligence is demonstrated by the crafting of conventional materials beyond their standard application.
  • Sustainability matters. Naturally every opportunity was taken to introduce recycled or recyclable materials.
  • The hardest part? Giving it a name. We landed on The Mix. This, interconnected with our more conventional office environment, provides the perfect blend of workspaces.


The Mix is a flexible space with distinctly different zones. The largest room accommodates both board meetings and seminars. Contemporary design makes it a pleasant social space. The lounge is a relaxed corner of The Mix with an intentionally domestic feel; a calming refuge and attractive work setting in one. The booths and recharge area are a nod to café culture.

Biophilic design elements including green foliage wall art, plants, flowers and fruit bowls feature throughout. Bold colour accents add visual interest and, according to Savanna Theory, echo the colours found in fruits and healthy vegetation. A bean-to-cup coffee machine provides another layer of sensory stimulation.

Points of Note

  • 1560 sq ft
  • High ceilings evoke feelings of freedom and encourage abstract thinking
  • Nature-inspired recycled carpet tiles chosen for biophilic interest
  • Varied lighting sources create different moods at the flick of a switch
  • Bespoke joinery using engineered plywood
  • Curved feature walls
  • Mix of black and white ceiling tiles
  • Eclectic mix of furniture elements
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Furniture-based power modules and multiple device charging points

“It’s about users of the space having choice”, says our managing director, Warren Bricknell. “We have a mix of settings to choose from to suit the task at hand. We have it this way because we believe in it and it works. It’s the future of work!”

“Of course, it’s impressive for visitors but it’s more about ‎the way we work – in an environment that fosters teamwork and creativity.”