Office refurbishment: more than Design, a New way of Working

When you say “office refurbishment”, most people think about a refresh of the furniture, a few new colours here and there, and that’s it.

In fact, office refurbishment can enhance the way you work and the way your employees and partners see your company.

After more than four decades of supporting companies across the UK with office refurbishment, design, and office fit out, we at Dale Office Interiors know that this “refresh” is far-reaching and one of the best investments you can make — if, of course, it’s the right time for your office to be revamped.

Let’s start with why an office refurbishment may not be the right investment for you right now.

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need an Office Refurbishment

(Pictured: Dale Office Interiors completed a successful fit out at Gordons LLP, adding colour, light and comfort to the workspace.)

Does this sound like a strange thing to say on a page that’s ultimately about office refurbishment benefits from a company that sells this service?

Perhaps but no benefit comes if this service is not right for you. We know that our clients’ success is our success, so we’d never try to sell you something that’s not an ideal fit.

Without further ado, here’s when your office refurbishment project should be postponed or canceled altogether:

  1. You just moved into a brand-new office space. If you need more complex work done, including electrical cabling and HVAC fitting from scratch, an office fit out is a better idea for you.

  2. You plan to rebrand your company in the near future. We advise you to wait until the rebranding is complete, so you can incorporate the new brand elements and colours into your office refurbishment project.

  3. You plan to hire new people or let go of a part of your team. Again, our recommendation is to wait until you know what your office occupancy will be like, so you can refurbish the space accordingly.

  4. You’re unsure how long you’ll be in that office space. If you’re considering moving to a different office soon, hold off on the office refurbishment. It may not be a good investment right now, as some of the furniture and decor pieces will likely not fit into your new space.

Still unsure? You don’t have to make this decision alone! Reach out to our office refurbishment experts and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

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6 Benefits of Office Refurbishment - Data- and Client Backed Insights

If none of the above sounds like you, keep reading to find out the benefits of an office refurbishment. We’ve collected data from publicly available studies and, more importantly, we followed up with our clients months and years after their office refurbishment.

All to find out what difference refurbishing your office makes.

Enhances Employee Satisfaction

The way your staff feel has a huge impact on their work and the business, so making the environment in which they work attractive and comfortable can pay dividends.

Ergonomic furniture, for instance, can increase the comfort of your staff and improve their health. They won’t just be happier coming to work, they’ll also feel a touch of their home comfort right there at the office — which is exactly what the modern office should feel like: homey.

Helps Increase Productivity

Happy and comfortable employees are more productive at work, as numerous studies have shown, which means increased profits for the business.

Even something as simple as adding plants to your office space can boost productivity by 15%. Unsurprising if you consider that plants increase the oxygen levels in a room and help us breathe better. Plus, there’s just something about working in a natural environment.

Of course, there is a lot more you can do to enhance productivity and comfort in the office. Some of the things that helped our clients create a better work environment include:

  • Adding quiet rooms, especially if you work in an open floor office plan. This allows staff members who prefer quiet and solo working to do their best work in the environment that suits them best.

  • Adding sound-dampening partitions to reduce the noise level.

  • Build collaboration spaces for both formal and informal meetings. It’s easier to brainstorm on comfortable sofas than on rigid conference room chairs!

  • Adapt your office for a hybrid work setting. If your team can also work remotely, an office refurbishment can help them make the most of their time spent in the office. Spaces that foster collaboration, high-end meeting rooms, and dedicated solo working spaces are among our clients’ top preferences.

  • Bringing your meeting rooms up to date. Better electrical wiring, modern screens and wireless solutions can change the way you conduct meetings

Thinking about a new design for your office but don’t know where to start? Download your free guide here:

Everything you need to know about office design in 7 minutes

Office Refurbishment Gives Your Workspace a Modern and Dynamic Look

A bright, clean office will have a positive impact on both current and potential clients and talent. First impressions count for a lot in business so it’s well worth investing in them.

Think about your reception area, for instance. Could it use an update? Perhaps a larger desk, one that reflects your current branding?

Or you could go all-in and add an area where you serve refreshments in the waiting room or where your employees can be greeted by a cup of coffee when they get to the office. Nothing says productivity like the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning!


Optimises Space

Reviewing your overall workspace layout and planning how best to use the available space is key to a successful fit out or office refurbishment project.

Remember that partitions can be used to better define areas or to give extra privacy where needed.

If you have moved to a hybrid work model, an office refurbishment is exactly what you need to reflect the new way to use your office. We can help you build collaboration spaces that feel inviting, cozy, and productive.

All so that your employees can make the best use of the time they spend in the office.


Allows for Advances in Technology

Making even small improvements to technology in the workplace, such as investing in faster wifi or in a couple of communal tablet devices can boost staff motivation and improve efficiency and productivity as a result.

Most companies today work with partners and clients across the country or across the world. This is why access to new technology can improve communication and productivity.


At Dale Office Interiors, we’ve helped dozens of UK companies build the in-office infrastructure to support a modern, connected office.


Reinforces Brand Image


Does your office sufficiently reflect your brand and company principles? It should. A refreshed interior incorporating the right colours can leave a lasting impact on staff and clients alike.


Moreover, it’s not just about the colours — you don’t need an interior designer to buy a sofa with the same nuance as your logo. Proper interior design takes into account the shapes of your branding, along with your brand values.


Whether your brand is outgoing and cheerful or all-business, an office refurbishment can add the right colours, textures, and shapes to reflect that. The final result is a cohesive, on-brand look that tells visitors and staff members what your com[any stands for at a glance.


Saves Energy


Alongside the clear aesthetic benefits, a fit out or an office refurbishment can help the environment too. It provides an excellent opportunity to reduce energy consumption within the company and install energy-efficient fixtures, fittings, and equipment.


The Dale Office Interiors have worked with dozens of UK companies to improve natural lighting in their offices, install energy-efficient fixtures, and make sure that energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.


This doesn’t just save the environment, it also saves you money on your monthly bills. Plus, it helps you position your company as a future-oriented, environmentally-friendly business.

Get in Touch with Dale Office Interiors for Your Next Office Refurbishment Project

Within the 4+ decades we’ve been in this business, we’ve seen a lot of office design trends come and go. But there’s one thing that has never changed: quality furnishings, fixtures, and equipment make any office stand out.

This principle is reflected in all our office refurbishment projects: irrespective of your budget, we know how to make quality shine and help position you as a company that doesn’t compromise on what matters.


Ready to start your office refurbishment project? Get in touch with us and learn how we can accommodate you with minimal disruptions to your business.

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