Bespoke Graphic Design Services

To support social distancing, hygiene protocols and distribution of key messages signage will support your workforce to foster new habits during these uncertain times. 

Our trained graphic designers can support you with clear, concise and fully branded internal signage to communicate these messages to employees on their return to the office environment.

All designs will follow your brand guidelines, adhering to fonts, colour pallets and logo usage. 

As part of this service (but not limited to) we can offer the following:

Floor graphics can highlight safe distancing zone around desks, correct distancing measurement in key walkways and act as a signpost of unidirectional flow around the office to support social distancing. 

This is a bespoke service and we can design floor graphics for any space and for any reason:

Highlighted applications

Social distancing safety signage

Meeting room chair locations –  to manage social distancing in reduced    capacity meeting rooms.

Stair graphics

Social distancing halo graphics around desks  

Directional flow graphics –  to support one-way flow around the office. 

Lift signage –  highlighting safe distance to stand within elevators which    can support 2m distance.

All graphics are non permanent and can be removed.

From wall graphics that help you refresh wall space, to safety signage that assists with key messages post COVID-19, wall graphics can support you to reinforce key messages to employees. 


Highlighted applications

Safety and key message signage

• Social distancing signage

• Stair graphics

• Directional flow graphics –  to support one way flow around the office. 

These wall graphics can be printed on to special antimicrobial materials, please ask us about this option.
With doors being one of the most touched items within an office space, it is unsurprising that they harbour a lot of bacteria. With antimicrobial door coverings you can reduce the spread of 99.9% of germs. These coatings can be clear, a standard door finish effect or with a fully bespoke design.

Great for:

• Highlighting hand washing
• Key social distancing messages
• Signposting messages e.g. nearest sanitiser dispenser

• Promotional roller banners
• Free standing structures for lobby areas

We can design safety pamphlets for distribution to staff, highlighting key processes on their return to the workplace along with symptom guides.

Highlighted applications

• New process and procedure that employees will need to follow on 
   their return.

• Symptom guides

• Cleaning procedures 

If you already have screens in your organisation, we can design digital files for distribution across your network.

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