Cost of Downsizing your office

Calculating the true benefit of downsizing your office

In this article, we discuss not only how much we can save by downsizing our office space, but all the other benefits we may not have considered…

What is the future of the office?

Working out your agile office space cost per square foot: 5 key factors to consider

Modern businesses are increasingly considering ditching the standard in favour of more dynamic, agile spaces – which aim to utilise the office space to its full potential – down to every last square foot


How Agile Working Can Significantly Reduce Office Operating Costs

By adopting a more agile approach to your workplace and culture, you can reduce overall office operating costs, while simultaneously reaping the benefits of a more happy and fulfilled workforce.

Office Costs Calculator

Typical costs of an office fit out

A guide to what you might expect to pay for typical aspects of a fit out

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