Client Focused

What are employees looking for from their employers?

Recruitment and retention are now key priorities for most business leaders.

But what’s driving so many people to change jobs? Learn more in our article

Cost of Downsizing your office

Calculating the true benefit of downsizing your office

In this article, we discuss not only how much we can save by downsizing our office space, but all the other benefits we may not have considered…

Take a break to support your mental health

40% of businesses believe their staff were more productive when working from home during lockdown – what does this mean for offices after COVID-19?​

Working from home in lockdown has proved to be a success for some businesses, but what does this mean for the office on your return? Find out in this blog.


Creating the right office for your company’s needs

As a company becomes more successful it often needs to recruit staff to manage the growing workload. Typically, the addition of extra bodies leads bosses to feel that they’ve outgrown their current office space and make an instant decision to relocate—despite this not always being necessary.

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