Dale Island Discs

Dale Island Discs

With Marketing Manager - John Elliss

So, we are into our 3rd week of taking a member of the Dale team and leaving them on Dale’s (not so deserted) Island. This week being cast away is John Elliss our Marketing Manager. 

If you were to be cast away on a desert island, what could you not live without? You can take with you: 5 songs, 1 book and 5 luxury items.

John has been with Dale for just over 3 months now and oversees Dale Office’s Marketing.

Now like Ashley Smith (see his Dale Island Disc picks here) John has been stranded on the dark side of the island, the part of the island that has little more than an office chair and a desk on the beach. With that said, let’s learn a little bit more about John.

So John, what 5 luxury items, 5 songs and 1 book would take along with you to this very deserted Dale Island.

Luxury Items

“I think I would be lost without my Mac, it goes where I go so, this has to come to the island, being a graphic designer by trade the Mac is a must.”

Solar Panel
“Being practical, I’d have to take a portable solar panel to power my Mac. I’m assuming the Dale Desert Island is in the Caribbean and not off the coast of Scotland otherwise, I’d like to take a small wind turbine instead.”

“I’ve played the guitar from a young age, initially as a classical guitarist. I remember playing for hours preparing for the grading tests. The thought of those tests still make me nervous, even today. Now I’m quite a bit older, the guitar is one of those items that I don’t use enough due to time, but on a desert island, I’ll have all the time in the world.”

My Dog Bailey
“He’d have to come along with me to the desert island, we do everything together and I couldn’t be without him. You can see him in the picture to the right”

A Football 
“A Football, yes for the dog, but also for me, when I have heat stroke I can imagine (like I did when I was a child) that I’m scoring the winning goal in the world cup for England.”


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That’ll be the day
by Buddy Holly and the Crickets 

“My father used to do the pubs and clubs when I was young and this was one song out of all the 60’ 70’s and 80’s classics he used to sing that stuck with me. I have been a Buddy Holly fan from as early as I can remember.” 

This Years Love
by David Grey

“Quite a personal song this one and is very dear to my heart”

by Coldplay

“One of the songs that made them famous and in my opinion, still the best song from their long list of hits!”

It Wasn’t Me
by Orville Richard Burrell 

“(Also known as Shaggy), this artist was huge when I was at school and his songs are the anthems of my youth in a way.”

Bat Out Of Hell
by Meatloaf

“This is one of those songs that when you want to let off some steam and sing at the top of your lungs, you can with a bit of meatloaf!”


Band of Brothers

“I’m not a big reader but I do love history, so I’d take something like Band of Brothers to my desert island.

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