Dale Island Discs

Dale Island Discs

With Interior Designer
Kirsty Atkin-Stephenson

We are almost at the end of our series of Dale Island Disks; the Island has had to endure 5 of the Dale Team and now it is time for the 6th member of the Dale family to be abandoned on the Island.

This week it’s the turn of Kirsty one of our Interior Designers. Kirsty has been with Dale for almost three and a half years now and is one of our hugely talented design team. She is a perfectionist and has an eye for detail, with every aspect of her work being precise and on point! 

Kirsty seems to be taking all of the essential components required to make this a home from home, with both her husband and her dog making the trip to Dale Island.

So, what 5 luxury items, 5 songs and 1 book will Kirsty be taking along to our very deserted Dale Island?

Luxury Items

Sun cream
“Factor 50 or I will burn.”

A tiki bar
“Fully stocked with all of the cocktails.”

My husband and best friend (cheesy I know).”

“We couldn’t leave our dog at home! He loves the beach and I would never be bored if he was there.”

A Bed
“I looove sleep” 


Good Life
by Francis Dunnery

“My first dance, even though the lyrics aren’t too encouraging.”

Black Treacle
by Arctic Monkeys

“As a child, I spent hours dancing around the living room with an imaginary microphone with my parents to this song”

Pink Lemonade
by The Wombats

“Really like the positive vibes of this Liverpool based band”

Your Love Is My Favourite Band
by The Vaccines

“Hoping that this is the direction the next album goes in!”


by Beach Boys

“The best song for a desert island, and will go well with one of my luxury items.”


A Game of Thrones

“This has been on my bookshelf for years and maybe with all the spare time I have on the island I’ll finally get around to reading it!”

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