Dale Island Discs

Dale Island Discs

With Tara Leadley-Machell, Executive Assistant to the Directors & Office Manager

Another week and another Dale Office team member is in the spotlight. Up this week we have our Executive Assistant to the Directors and Office Manager Tara Leadley-Machell. 

Tara has been with Dale for over 3 years now and is truly the go-to person within the team, one of the most efficient and thoughtful individuals at Dale Office.

Now Tara has played fast and loose with the rules by sneaking extra furry friends into her Luxury items list for the trip to Dale Island, but I’m not brave enough to stop her. So without further ado here is Tara’s Dale Island Discs. 

So Tara, what 5/6 luxury items, 5 songs and 1 book would take along with you to this very deserted Dale Island.

Luxury Items

Gin Mare and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic
“This is my absolute favourite drink – no explanation necessary! Everyone knows I love a good G&T!”

“I’ve had the same pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers for over 10 years now. I don’t go anywhere without them.”

“You can take the girl out of Sheffield but you can’t take Sheffield out of the girl. It goes with absolutely everything.”

Ruby and Vito
“Not strictly a luxury item but I’m prepared to bend the rules to take my fur babies with me. Ruby is our lovely cat (and favourite) and Vito (named after Vito Corleone from The Godfather, so predators on the island better be aware!) is our very cheeky dachshund. You might have seen him in other LinkedIn posts, he’s our office pooch at Dale when he’s behaving himself.”

A Giant Inflatable Unicorn 
“I’m a terrible swimmer, but really it’s just so I can use it to float around the island on with my endless supply of G&Ts. Also if like John, I go a bit crackers from sun stroke at least I can start talking to my unicorn and think it’s real.



by Oasis

“Whatever mood I’m in, this always puts a big cheesy grin on my face. I walked down the aisle to it and every time I hear it always reminds me of my wedding day.”

A Certain Romance
by Arctic Monkeys

“Being from Sheffield, I couldn’t not have an Arctic’s song. It’s an underrated one and is my favourite they’ve done.”

Don’t Stop
by Fleetwood Mac

“Rumours is one of the best albums ever made! Every song is a tune. Don’t Stop is mine and my husband’s song; we had it as our first dance (so awkward).  

by Kings of Leon

“This was the best song they played when I saw them. It always reminds me of the summer and going to V Festival every year.”

by Nirvana

“Possibility the best gift my brother has ever given me. I listened to Nevermind on repeat for months, I’m surprised I didn’t wear the CD out!”


Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland
Through the Looking-Glass –  Lewis Carroll

“I must have read it 100 times and it never gets boring. It’s clever, funny and full of nonsense. Like Alice, it makes you want to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. “

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