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Desk of the Month:
With Deputy MD of Energy Pr
Susannah Morgan

For our second instalment of Desk of the Month, our monthly feature showcasing the workstations of successful businesspeople, we’ve asked Susannah Morgan, Deputy MD of Energy PR, to tell us a bit about her desk…

“When I was asked to do Desk of the Month by Dale Office Interiors, I initially considered tidying up. But then I thought, I should really give you the authentic experience. “I work in PR, which is an industry that’s driven by new and interesting ideas but requires a high level of organisation, so it’s ideal for the non-existent type of person who is naturally both creative and great at keeping a number of plates spinning at once.


“My desk pretty neatly represents my efforts to cultivate those opposing aspects of my personality, which you’ll see from my creativity notebook (1) – the one covered in tiger-themed wrapping paper – which I use to jot down any and all campaign ideas I have, directly next to my collection of identical work notebooks (2) which I use to, well, do my actual work. 

“I really loved this brand of work notebook so I got in the habit of buying the exact same one every time I finished my previous notebook, I did this for years until the brand went bust and I nearly lost my mind trying to find a replacement that was similar in size. I eventually found a suitable replacement and bought loads of them just in case (I had been burnt before and learnt my lesson) but, as soon as I did, my old notebook brand was reborn. Typical.” 

“I’ve been working in this industry for a while now and despite the fact that I’m still a very, VERY young and dynamic operator (please pay no notice to the ‘I’d rather be 39’ mug (3), I occasionally and inexplicably show flashes of ‘old-school’; I really do prefer a physical dictionary and thesaurus to Google for example (4). 

“Your eye may be drawn to my pixelated box of sweary pencils (5) (edited to keep this post safe for work). I have two children and, as any parent will tell you, managing your language is one of the major challenges of parenthood. My friend, also a mum, gave me these profanity pencils as a gift to allow me to get my F-bomb fix in the child-free zone that is the Energy PR office. 

“Other than that, there’s nothing really of note. I have a couple of newspapers (6) on my desk so I can keep up with the news agenda, a stack of papers in my ‘in’ and ‘out’ trays (7), a computer and phone obviously, and a completely dried-out lemon (8) that I’ve had on my desk for five years. Pretty standard stuff.” 

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Susannah Morgan – Deputy MD, Energy PR

Susannah helps clients and their brands excel at a variety of communication challenges, be it changing brand perception, developing brand strategy for growth, driving digital traffic, launching products, on and offline community engagement or simply making the most of what they have to offer. She also has strong media training and crisis and issues management experience.

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