Desk of the Month
With David Bricknell of Dale Office

Introducing Desk of the Month, our new monthly feature showcasing the workstations of successful businesspeople, be they employees of ours, customers or people we’ve met or connected with through LinkedIn. To kick off the Desk of the Month, we’ve asked David Bricknell, MD of Dale Office Interiors, to show us his desk and tell us a bit about it…

 “You might look at my desk and say ‘minimalist’ and you’d be right. I view my desk as a touch-down point, so I keep personal items to a minimum so I can crack on without distraction. A mantra here at Dale Office Interiors is that design and practicality have to go hand-in-hand.

“Keeping things simple also means I can move from desk to desk and make any area of the office ‘my space’ relatively easily. Hot desking is very popular right now and as the MD of Dale Office Interiors, I like to live what we’re recommending to clients so I can speak from a place of experience. 

“That’s why we always recommend to our team that they can ‘work where they work best”. 

“That said, there are a few things I like just so. Firstly, my dual monitors. I find they really help me keep up with everything going on in the business and boost my productivity. Talking of productivity, you’ll notice the orange coaster – another touch-down point, this time for coffee. OK, coffees. Finally, you’ve probably noticed the rather scrappy looking post-it note. I wouldn’t say I’m a prolific post-it note person, but they work with the way I work, so it wouldn’t be a true representation of my desk if I took it down in an attempt to tidy up! 

Desk of the Month


“A couple of things you can’t tell from the photo – firstly, I swap my rather lovely ergonomic chair out for a stool occasionally just to make sure my spine gets a bit of a workout. We’re very conscious of how office design impacts employee health and well-being here at Dale. Secondly, you can’t tell, but my desk is a height-adjustable ‘sit-stand’ desk so I can change things up for improved comfort. 

“At Dale, we know that desks have to suit the worker. We update our office environment regularly, testing out new techniques and ideas as a sort of trial to help develop client designs, however, our desks remain largely influenced by the people working at them, so I’d be surprised if a picture of my desk taken in 2030 deviated too far from what you see here (apart from the integration of some futuristic technology).

” If you’d like to be featured as Dale Office Interiors’ Desk of the Month, drop us a line here: [email protected]!


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David Bricknell – Dale Office Managing Director

David has been with Dale for over 13 years, originally starting as a project consultant back in 2006 and working his way to becoming the MD, always leading from the front always putting the customer first.

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