How the right decor can improve office space

The visual aspect of an office comes with a range of benefits such as impacting on a business’s success, improving staff well-being and morale, and attracting new employees –to name just a few.

Having stylish furniture or decorative lighting in your office is an easy way to add a pop of colour and help a workplace stand out, promote creativity and even attract new staff.


A quarter of employers are planning an office refurbishment in the next year, the research found. Almost 30% thought having ‘cool’ features in their office could increase productivity and over 30% said it improves morale and one in ten claimed it attracts new talent.


Graeme Hoole, head of product development at NeonPlus, said: “An aesthetically pleasing office helps businesses look professional, presentable and shows they care about their reputation, while also making staff feel valued.”

Attract a younger workforce 

Attracting a younger workforce is something many employers aim to do to bring in fresh, creative minds that are raring to succeed. Predictions show that millennials (currently aged 22 to 37) will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025, while Generation Z (the age group that comes after millennials) is beginning to enter the job market, suggesting employers will now be vying to recruit and retain young staff.

A recent Annual Workplace Report revealed that 85% of millennials would typically judge a business based on the office environment. A further 82% of employees said that when looking for a new job, a forward-thinking office design would make them more inclined to want the position.

An office’s design is the first thing candidates see when they come for an interview and therefore will more than likely base their first impressions on this. Ensuring your office is colourful, modern and inspirational can grab the attention of creative individuals and make them want to join your business.

John Elliss, marketing manager at Dale Office, commented: “Aesthetics are not the only contributing factor but they are key to attracting new talent to a business. Stand-out features such as neon lighting demonstrate that a company is vibrant, modern, willing to invest and move with trends and work collectively to communicate a powerful first impression.”

Company branding

Something which offices may already be trying is reflecting their branding through their decor. Typically, this is achieved by simply adding a splash of their company colour on the walls or having a few branded mugs lying about.


Ideally, company branding should be reflected in the office interior. There are a range of ways to showcase company branding in the office:

– Using neon signs in the same colour/typography, possibly displaying the company name or slogan

– Displaying milestones or awards around the office

– Using statement flooring, wallpaper or artwork


Showcasing a company’s branding can exhibit a business’s personality and creativity.

John Elliss said: “An office space should inspire confidence in prospective clients and reflect the company’s brand. What a business portrays online and in print should mirror their working environment.”


As well as colours representing branding, they can also influence and increase staff productivity.

Inspiration and motivation

A company that takes care of the look and feel of its office space can improve employee morale. Research shows that two-thirds of workers are more likely to feel valued by their organisation if it invests in their office space.


A recent report discovered that 90% of millennials and 78% of baby boomers believed that the office environment typically affects their productivity. A further 95% of workers thought it could affect morale.

Having ‘break out’ areas can particularly help with staff morale. Our survey revealed that over a third of 18- to 34-year-olds would favour prospective employers who offered chill-out zones.

A unique office design helps companies engage with people and influence how they are perceived. Eye-catching signs with consistent branding can feel inviting and impress customers, clients and employees. 



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