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With so much of their life spent at work, employees need to get some satisfaction from it! And, employers need to get tangible results from the time that their employees spend at work.

Surely the two go hand in hand? Unhappy employees = poor output, happy employees = great output.

With this in mind, the key is in making sure that employees are given the opportunity to thrive, once this is achieved the organisation will naturally become more effective.
Believe it or not, this can be achieved with a well-balanced office design (don’t worry though, you don’t need to splash out on a complete Interior Design Project) just have a think about these points…

1 Comfort is king

Did you know that 50 million working days are lost per year to back pain (that represents over £5billion!) Neck strain and RSI are the most common complaints amongst staff in the UK.

Putting employees comfort first is a great way to boost morale, improve concentration levels and reduce absenteeism. Take the Dale Chair Challenge today;
How many of these features does your chair have?

• 5 star swivel base with castors – This allows you to move freely in your desk space rather than stretching and straining.
• Seat height adjustment – Enables you to match your height with the monitor height and avoid neck, back and eye strain.
• Seat depth adjustment – Accommodates you comfortably even if you are slightly taller or shorter than average.
• Height adjustable arms – An important function for achieving correct posture. It allows you to get as close as you need to your keyboard whilst supporting your wrists and shoulders.
• Back tilt or free float mechanism – Enables freedom of movement which aids circulation, think long haul flights!

2 Variety is the spice of life

Working in silence on your own has its merits, as does working dynamically within a group. However, it’s easy to become saturated by too much of one or the other. Splitting the working environment into zones can be conducive to productivity. Quiet zones, team zones, breakout zones are the three core pillars. This kind of ‘Zoning’ enables employees to place themselves in the best environment for the task at hand. In addition, standing up for 4 hours of a working day burns 500 more calories than sitting down, reduces depression and decreases the onset of degenerative diseases!

Think about your workspace at today…can staff get away from the radio to focus? Is there somewhere they can take a break? Where can collaboration occur?

3 Desk for success

It’s essential to promote a culture of organisation in the workplace. Organisation isn’t just about ensuring that papers are filed correctly though; it’s also about encouraging individuals to take pride in their personal workstations. Giving staff half an hour each month to step back from their daily tasks to focus on their own microenvironment will in turn promote productivity.

For a free consultation on achieving a better balance in your working environment then simply call Dale Office Interiors on 0114 233 115 or email us.

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