How to prepare for an office fit out

A complete refit of your workspace may seem like a daunting prospect, but with the right planning, management and support it needn’t cause any upheaval. We’ve put together a few steps to break down and simplify the preparation process.

  1. Define why the office needs to be redesigned and reconfigured

This is a great opportunity to enlist the help of the people who make up your business and find out what improvements they would like to see to their workspace. Think about the current culture within the company — is it a healthy one? Considering an office refurbishment is the ideal time to gauge — or challenge — the existing culture and explore what could be done to improve it through office design. A company-wide, anonymous survey is a simple yet effective way to ascertain the opinions of employees and hone in on the main issues that need addressing with a refit.

  1. Appoint a project team that’s representative of the whole organisation

The team will speak for the interests of all employees; therefore, it’s important each department and group is represented. Inviting staff to nominate their colleagues is a fair way to establish the team. It’s also important to appoint a suitable project manager who’s able to handle day-to-day management and make any necessary adjustments and consultations as the project progresses.

Thinking about conducting an office fit-out? Plan out and calculate the cost of your upcoming fit-out project with our free Office Fit-Out Costs and Specification Guide:

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  1. Speak to office design and fit-out companies

The sooner you get in touch with design and fit-out specialists, the sooner you will be informed to make the right decisions for your organisation.

By joining forces with a reputable company, you will gain far more than just the practical aspects of design and installation; the right partner will offer expert insight into your industry and the future of work, guiding you to a more effective environment for your particular business.

At Dale we also offer a project management service that’s designed to take much of the admin ‘legwork’ away from you, in addition to providing a high-spec, tailor-made design proposal – you can find out more about this here.

  1. Agree on a budget for the project

Setting a financial limit for your fit-out project needs to be done as early in the process as possible in order to manage expectations. Your appointed design and fit-out company can help you establish a more accurate budget based on your project requirements. See our page on typical costs of an office fit out for guidance.

  1. Keep the conversation going

Once you’ve taken the suggestions and advice of your fit-out partner on board, your appointed project team can discuss which solutions are likely to work best for your requirements and ask any necessary questions. Keeping communication channels open — both internally and with your office design company — is vital to a successful fit-out project.

  1. Work closely with your appointed fit-out partner to finalise the right design

Your appointed fit out company will be on hand to advise you at every stage of the process.

At Dale we pride ourselves on the close relationships we build with our clients; we really take the time to get to know your brand, industry and people in order to help you decide on the right direction for your fit out. We offer flexibility in terms of making adjustments, while remaining committed to agreed timescales so that your project progresses as scheduled.

  1. Select the right furniture for the new environment

Far from simply blending in with the workspace, furniture plays a key role in creating a responsive, flexible and comfortable working environment. The right furniture has the ability to:

  • provide safe physical support for your staff
  • adapt to different working patterns and needs
  • meet storage needs
  • encourage collaboration
  • reinforce your brand

Most fit-out specialists will be on hand to present the best furniture options for your requirements and budget, relieving the need to tackle this daunting task independently.

  1. Keep staff informed of the plans

Approaching your office transformation with transparency, honesty and openness when it comes to communicating with staff is crucial. By appointing a suitable project team at the start of the process you have laid the foundations, but it’s important to keep all employees updated and engaged as the journey progresses, answering any questions they may rightfully have.

For more information on how to plan and prepare for an office fit-out, including calculating the various costs involved, download our free guide below.

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