Office fit-out of global technology companies HQ in Sheffield


Curvalux engaged with Dale Office in the latter part of 2020 to support their plans to create a European HQ in the heart of Sheffield.

Project size:
5,000 sq.ft

Curvalux is a global technology company that wanted to expand into the European market. They highlighted the UK and then Sheffield as the area in which to position their European HQ. Dale has offered support from day one, assisting with feasibility services during the search for the right space, to the design and delivery of a turnkey office solution that delivers on their goals.

Once on site , this project was delivered on time and in budget, within just 7 weeks and has delivered a unique space fit for a global organisation.  


About Curvalux

Curvalux‘saim is to reduce the barriers that currently exist which prevent over 3.5 billion people from being able to access the internet. They aim to provide advanced, highly efficient and low-cost systems to reduce the cost of deployment, operations and consumer adoption of broadband services, affordably addressing rural communities with Curvalux technology without requiring a huge number of deployment towers and most importantly the multi-kilowatt power generation systems required by 4G and 5G systems.

The Project Explained

Dale Office became involved in the project initially supporting Curvalux’s search for the correct space in the Sheffield area, offering space planning and feasibility services to ensure the space acquired could support their business growth targets, ambitions and operational requirements.

Once the correct space was acquired at Electric Works, Dale was trusted to transform this CAT A space in to a unique and bespoke office environment, that was both fit for a post-Covid world and one that would attract, retain and support the sustained growth Curvalux expects over the next 5 years and beyond.

The space is split into zones offering lab areas for testing and development, mixing this with the open plan and collaborative office environment that can be used by all.

Design intent and symbolism

Within the design itself, we wanted to create a space that aligned with the brand and the company’s ethos of wider connectivity, whilst also delivering operationally and on the companies goals.  

We used curves and circular shapes and softer lines to symbolise the organisations ideals of connection and community, symbolising the organisations goals of internet services for all through shape.

The curved sweeping lines we have created throughout the design give a sense of movement and direction. This begins in the main cylindrical entrance which is designed to act as a welcoming and engaging space that draws people in. This space was also designed to act as a gateway and directional channel to the different zones of the office, dividing the kitchen, main office, lab and meeting spaces also supporting acoustics whilst acting as a tonal change delineating the differing work zones.

This mixture of curved and linear lines throughout the design harmonises with the Curvalux brand, which has been represented throughout the office via graphics, flooring, feature walls and the colour palette. We have worked hard to create different spaces for the varied types of work and an office that is agile and flexible for a diverse and expanding team. This has been achieved through traditional desking, booths, touch down areas, laboratory settings, and multifunctional meeting rooms. 

The brands green colour palette has been expanded through wall colours and furniture to offer a depth of colour that directly links to nature in the rural communities where the organisations technology exists, offering an environment that is engaging, healthy and focused for staff.

An office ready for growth

This project has delivered a space that is ready for growth and supports the challenges a post-Covid world is going to throw at it. This bespoke space is tailored to the business and its people’s needs, supporting the organisations agile working style, whilst offering a collaborative and engaging workspace for employee and guest alike. 

The space will help with the attraction and retention of new employees by supporting the flexible and dynamic roles Curvalux offer, whilst supporting the engagement of new clients, positioning Curvalux as a major and trusted player in the European market.

Before After
Before After

Dale Office has a great team. 

The entire team have been friendly, polite and professional, and do amazing work. Thank you for all the effort!

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Melissa Chambers


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