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Integrating people, technology and place in the future of work

A webinar that engaged a select panel of industry experts and thought leaders in conversation to offer insight on the future of the office, based on both their industry credentials and their experience of navigating the world of hybrid work.

Here is a short sample from the webinar

This webinar is a follow on accompaniment to our white paper “The future of the professional services firm“, and Dale Office engage a selection of expert panelists from within the professional services arena who discussed the optimal integration of people, technology, and place in the future of work.

A sample of topics covered:

  1. What has the real impact been on working patterns, office based working. 
  2. The role of technology and it will and already has transformed the way professional services are delivered.
  3. Impact of the energy crisis and hybrid working, and the balance of supporting staff and managing office’s rising energy costs. 
  4. How are offices being redesigned for hybrid working, and how will evolve in the future. 


In early 2022, Dale Office Interiors commissioned Working the Future to research and write a white paper called ‘The Future of the Professional Services Firm’. The paper explored the changes afoot within the field of professional services, which was defined as a service requiring specialised knowledge or and skill usually of a mental or intellectual nature and usually requiring a licence, certification or registration’. For the purposes of the white paper, Working the Future specifically focused on the legal, accounting, tax, architecture and engineering professions. 

Amongst other things, Working the Future’s research examined the impact and likely future trajectory of technology within the professional services sector, the impact of hybrid working on organisational culture, and the rise in demand for organisations to deliver against environmental and social objectives.

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Expert Panel

Helen Hay
Head of Talent & Culture
Shakespeare Martineau 

Helen is the head of Talent & Culture at law firm Shakespeare-Martineau one the UK’s leading group of legal and professional service companies.  Her approach to hybrid has been dynamic and progressive; Shakespeare Martineau strongly believe in empowering their people to decide for themselves where to work for optimal performance outcomes.

Cathryn Barnard
Co-founder & Director Working The Future

Cathryn Barnard has a career in agile workforce planning spanning three decades. 

Co-founder of Working the Future, her interest lies in the future of work and new operating and organising models for commercial resilience in fast-paced and dynamic markets.

Andrew Tye

Andrew is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder with a passion for how technology and people combined can change the experience of work. ComXo is an industry leader in transformational switchboard and business support services. With a track record of supporting the professional services sector, Andrew is superbly placed both to provide commentary on the future of professional services, and to project where technology will continue to bring operating efficiency.

Andy Foot
Head of Design & Build
Dale Office Interiors

Andy Foot is the head of design and build at Dale Office Interiors with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

At the forefront of workplace design decision-making, Andy possesses deep knowledge of both workplace trends and executive thinking that informs design decisions in the hybrid age.

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