The Office Carpet ‘How To’ Guide


How can I choose the best office carpet design?

  • Office size:

If you have a small office then dark colours can make the space feel even smaller.

In the science of colour, cool colours recede, meaning that they create a sense of depth and can therefore make a room look larger. Warm colours appear to advance, meaning they appear nearer than they actually are and this could mean a small office space with a dark carpet could feel enclosed.

Wall-to-wall carpet in a single colour in a small office can make the room look bigger as the floor space isn’t broken up with different colours or textures. Choose a lighter coloured carpet or a carpet with an appropriately sized pattern. A very busy pattern or a large pattern can make a space seem smaller.

  • Practicality:

Dark coloured carpets will show up any specs of fluff or crumbs whereas light coloured carpet is more likely to show stains. A patterned carpet is the best option to disguise stains and dirt. Carpets with irregular designs facilitate longevity due the fact that wear and tear marks are more disguised.

Neutral coloured carpets such as grey and taupe go with any colour scheme and create a neutral background for the rest of the office décor.

Dark carpets can also fade in direct sunlight.

  • Branding:

You can choose carpets that complement your company branding by choosing colours from your company logo or colour scheme, either for the whole carpet or for specific areas such as meeting spaces.

Replacement and Fitting

How long should office carpet last?

This will depend on the quality of the carpet and the amount of foot traffic it receives.

Other factors affecting how long an office carpet should last include:

  • The colour – lighter colours will stain more easily
  • How the carpet has been installed – carpet with padding tends to last longer than carpet that has been laid directly on the floor, which is how commercial carpet tiles are predominantly laid.
  • Whether the carpet has been regularly cleaned – this this can extend its life.

How often should office carpet be replaced?

Although there’s no set timeframe for how long an office carpet will last, there are tell-tale signs that it needs replacing. If the carpet is heavily stained, worn or bald in p arts, has an odour or the style is out of date then it’s time to replace it. Badly worn carpets can present health and safety issues as they can cause tripping hazards for example.

How do I lay office carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are usually laid by means of proprietary adhesive known in the industry as ‘tackifier’, which means they can be fitted directly onto the office floor, making them extremely easy to lay and uplift in due course.

Carpet tiles can be laid either tessellated or to create linear or broadloom look. This depends on the design and weave of the yarn.

How do I remove an office carpet?

If you are using a professional company to fit your carpet then ask them if they also offer a service to remove and dispose of your existing office carpet.

If your existing carpet tiles have been laid with the correct adhesive, you should be able to remove the carpet relatively easily. Otherwise you will need to invest in an adhesive remover to return the adhesive back into a soft state. Once this has happened, you will then be able to peel the carpet or carpet tiles off the floor using a floor scraper.


How much does office carpet cost?

The cost to fit a carpet depends on the amount of carpet needed, the quality of the carpet and the complexity of the shape of the area. If you are looking for how much carpet tiles cost then this carpet tile area calculator will help you work out the number of carpet tiles you need. Tiles can cost as little as a couple of pounds per tile, but like anything, you get what you pay for.

As a rough guide, budget range carpet costs around £12 per square metre, plus fitting costs. If you are looking to save money on commercial carpet costs then in some cases you might be able to reuse areas of the carpet in other areas.

When getting quotes ask exactly what’s included in the service such as delivery, fitting, and the removal and disposal of the old carpet. Find out whether the quote includes clearing the room of furniture as well. Ask for a written quotation that lists exactly what the price includes.


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