How Much Does An Office Fit Out Cost?

The average cost of an office fit out is measured by square foot and generally ranges from £35 to £100 + per square foot depending on the specifications.

However, an office fit out is a big project with a lot of costs involved. By calculating how much your office fit out project is set to cost you, you can budget appropriately and avoid spending more than expected. Here are the average costs of the various elements of an office fit out.

Average costs

Please note that these costs are estimations based on recent projects carried out by Dale Office Interiors, and costs vary between projects based on your individual needs. We have re-evaluated the our average costs based on projects from 2022/2023 to give you the most accurate cost of an office fit-out.

Low spec

Mid spec

High spec

£40 per square foot£55 per square foot£75 per square foot

The table below details costs paid for a number of recent fit out projects carried out by Dale Office Interiors. These costs provide a guideline – every project is unique and individual costings and quotations for your project can be provided upon request.

Learn more about the costs associated with an office fit-out with our free Office Fit-Out Costs Guide.

Download Your Free Office Fit-Out Costs Guide


Low specification office fit outs

 Recruitment, BarnsleyBanking Services, LeedsBranding Business, Manchester
Law Firm,    Doncaster
Structural alterationsnononono
Alterations to existing Heating, ventilation and air conditioningnononono
Power and datayesyesyesyes
New walls & ceilingsyesyesyesyes
New Washroomsnononono
Bespoke joineryyesnonono
AV (Audio Visual)nononono
New Lightingnoyesyesno
Fixings (Graphic Wall biophilia,signage etc)yesnonono
Solar PV Installnononono
Furniture fittings and
equipment (FF&E)

Cost per square foot







Mid-specification office fit outs

 Financial,  LondonMedical Tech, SheffieldTech
Business, Leeds
Structural alterationsnonoyesno
NEW Heating, ventilation
and air conditioning
Power and datayesyesyesyes
New walls & ceilingsyesyesyesyes
New Washroomsnononoyes
Bespoke joinerynoyesyesno
AV (Audio Visual)nononono
New Lightingyesyesyesyes
Fixings (Graphic Wall biophilia,signage etc)yesnonono
Solar PVnononono
Furniture  and
equipment (FF&E)

Cost per square foot







High specification office fit outs

Structural alterationsyesnoyesyes
New Heating, ventilation and
air conditioning
yes Specialist.yes Specialistyesyes
Power and datayesyesyesyes
New walls & ceilingsyesyesyesyes
New Washroomsyesyesyesyes
Bespoke joineryyesnonono
AV (Audio Visual)yesyesnono
New Lightingyesyesyesyes
Fixings (Graphic Wall
biophilia, signage etc)
Solar PVyesnonono
Furniture and
equipment (FF&E)

Cost per square foot







Breakdown of what you pay for:



At Dale, when it’s clear that investing in a design service will give the client the best outcome, our fees are typically around 2% to 4% of the total estimated project value. This, of course, depends on the type, scale and complexity of the project. By comparison, architects’ fees are commonly quoted at between 8% and 12%.

So, for example, if the fit out project was estimated to be £250,000 we could charge between £5,000 and £10,000 for design, which is carried out in full collaboration with the client, who could expect outline or concept design, detailed design for estimating and construction phase detail drawings for the project delivery.


Preparation and build

It is difficult to give precise values for this until the design has been nailed down because it depends on the starting condition of the space to be fitted out.

But to give a typical example, for a £250,000 fit out project that includes the following elements:

  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception
  • Kitchen area
  • Furniture

Approximately £160,000 of this amount would be allocated to the preparation and building work.

Of course, this is just one scenario and costs will vary according to the individual client and project.

Would you like to calculate a budget figure for your office? Take a look at our office fit out calculator.

Furniture, fittings and equipment

You can typically expect to pay upwards of £500 to £600 per head or user for furniture of a reasonable standard. Typically, this would include a desk, chair, some personal storage and a shared desk screen/divider. In addition, allowances should be calculated for:

  • Meeting room furniture
  • Breakout and 3rd space furniture
  • Peripherals, such as monitor arms, cabling extensions and solutions.

So, be prepared to factor those things into your budget separately.


Temporary on site cabins and facilities

Although the need to move staff during the fit out process depends on the scale of the project and nature of the space, we aim to avoid it where possible by carrying out work in phases and by working in zones on site to minimise disruption.

But if the smartest option is to relocate staff temporarily, we plan this with you in advance and work in partnership with a specialist temporary modular office and facilities provider.

A typical cost for hiring temporary cabins on site for 40 people over a 12-week period would be £19,500.

As you can see, there are a lot of different costs to consider when planning an office fit-out. To learn more about the specific costs involved and how you can budget for it, download our free guide below.

Download Free Office Fit-Out Costs Guide

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