Space Planning

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Space Analysis & Planning

Space analysis is a fundamental element of the commercial interior design process.

The analysis stage is much more than measurements and numbers. It’s about Dale understanding your organisation. The process explores how your business operates currently, and how it endeavours to operate moving forwards in order to create a working environment that supports your business objectives.

Space analysis assists our creative team of designers to create an interior space that is built around the way you work day to day, enabling you to get the very best from your team, which in-turn will inform the layout design and furnishings.


It’s not the final frontier, it’s a consideration that needs to be at the forefront of the design and build process.

Space planning not only considers your business needs, but prepares your business for the future: enabling and facilitating company growth; enhancing staff wellbeing; supporting the retention of current staff and the acquisition of new staff that make up your business.

Using data and understanding the considerations from the space analysis phase we at Dale can offer you a new office space that excites, is efficient, and most importantly aligns with your business needs.

Thoughtful Space Planning
Space optimisation – improve finances, staff productivity and wellbeing

Is your office optimised? You can improve your office space using ‘space planning’ – the tried and tested practice of assessing your workspace and ensuring that it works as hard as your staff do in terms of creating a safe, productive, happy workplace that will save you money and increase profits in the long term.

The benefits of space optimisation

  • Save money on real estate costs and relocation
  • Boost business performance
  • Attract the best staff
  • Improve staff retention
  • Be competitive

When do you need to think about space optimisation?
  • Simply put, any time. The requirement for workplace optimisation might come about as a result of a major relocation, change in corporate structure or business growth. Whatever your circumstances, we can help 
Space optimisation services from Dale Office Interiors


  • Assessment of your existing methods, technology  and team functions
  • Audits of your facility, furniture and storage requirements
  • Production of layout, design and visualisation packages

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