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What is workplace consultancy and how can it help my business?

Workplace consultancy is a strategic service provided to improve the efficiency of your workplace in a cost effective manner. Workplace consultancy delivers a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data that helps businesses to understand their current space, analysing the business structure, management, its goals and aspirations, and most importantly the people that make up the company. 

The analysis through the consultancy process delivers actionable steps for the improvement of the office; reduce office overheads, increase productivity, improve staff engagement and creates a working environment that is bespoke to your organisation and supports you at every level.

What are the benefits of workplace consultancy?

People and physical locations are two of the biggest expenses for any business, equating for up to 60% of overheads. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on creating an office and culture that supports your people to maximise efficiencies and increase productivity. Since the pandemic hit, the importance of focusing on people and place is paramount. Workplace consultancy can help you to understand your company, your people and your physical locations and deliver insights and actions that will future proof your business and support employees, while reducing costs and waste. 


  • Enhance collaboration
  • Increase employee performance
  • Improve communication
  • Better support employee wellbeing
  • Improve cultural cohesion


  • Reduce workspace running costs
  • Lower rental costs
  • A workspace that supports the changing needs of the post COVID workforce
  • Improve office environmental aspects 


  • Increased profitability 
  • Increase business agility & responsiveness to change
  • Elevate company brand and image 
  • Boost client engagement
  • Responsive to growth 
Consultancy objectives
With our background in office interior design and fit out, we gather enough information about your company to provide a variety of strategies to help maximise performance of space. The findings create the ‘brief’, a meaningful approach to space planning for not only current needs but to future-proof for changing needs.

In the creation of a Workplace Space Utilisation Report, there are key factors to discuss and define at the outset to determine final outputs. 

Typical objectives would be:

To aid the selection of potential new properties with meaningful background information tailored to client specific needs.

Learn more about our feasibility study service here 

Define new space standards to support existing functions and employees, including potential to introduce agile working practices addressing a combination of permanent desk users, mobile knowledge workers and remote workers. Generating a change from 1:1 ratio (one person – one desk) to a more efficient and effective occupation standard for example 5:4 (five people four desks.)

Reducing occupancy costs, embracing technology and product solutions from IT & AV to furniture products.

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Achieve better departmental adjacencies and bringing together services that interact on a frequent basis, which  as a result can improve efficiencies and customer service levels.

Recommendations around creating a “settings” planning protocol to create a number of different work-settings that are conducive with the activity required at any given time including spaces for collaboration, informal meetings, relaxation, concentration etc) that can be deployed across all buildings.

Download our guide to hybrid work zones 

Review workplace furniture. Explore and present the benefits around better space utilisation and improving business results and employee satisfaction that can be achieved by undertaking a furniture upgrade (workstation, storage, task seating, ergonomics etc).

Review and define a necessary number of confidential office focus spaces, meeting rooms (size, type) and the feasibility of introducing new work type settings to create a resilient workplace.

To encourage new staff and workplace culture and establish a fresh way of working. Inspiring collaboration and communication and increasing staff development, morale and attracting and retaining new talent.

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Our Workplace Consultancy Process

Below is a high-level view of the stage we go through during our workplace consultancy process. These stages are fully project managed to ensure smooth progress and communications, and every stage enables our teams to build up a complete picture of your business, the people, and the physical office space. All of which enable us to provide detailed and meaning full results. 

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