Social Distancing App

Preparing you to return to the office, safely

Ensure social distancing whilst managing your offices occupancy levels. 

Managing social distancing in the office environment

Considering how companies will re-introduce the workforce back into the office environment in a responsible way needs to be at the forefront of business owners minds. Ensuring employees can maintain the recommended social distancing is going to be key challenge for many companies post COVID-19 lockdown. To achieve this, the capacity and the layout of your workspace needs to be managed.

Clear communication about measures taken and how to act and work safely in the office is essential. This is why we have explored how our current services and external technology solutions already on the market can to support you. We have highlighted iotspot’s Safe Distancing proposition which can support you and your staff to ensure social distancing in the office with just an app. This can manage office capacity, whilst ensuring social distancing measures are adhered to, without any complicated management or procedures. In conjunction with this technology, we have developed a range of supportive services that will support social distancing in the workplace, from space planning to the project management and implementation of the iotspot technology within your office environment.


The Process

The Dale team will visit your office and initiate a survey, highlight how best to maximise your space for social distancing, whilst maximising the space available. Dale Office will then create a floor plan and map out current desk locations orientations and their position within the space. We then digitise this information and produce a digital copy of your office layout, highlighting areas and desks that can be utilised whilst ensuring social distance of 2 meters between users.

We then submit your new office layout to iotspot, who convert this into a virtual map using our measurements to activate the desk space digitally. This information is then added to the app.

The Dale Office team return to your office to configure the iotspot system and install the NFC ID’s. A guide to the system will be sent to you to support you and your employees with initial integration.

As part of the Dale service we will also issue you with a supportive set of promotional materials to help you communicate this new way of working from email templates, training videos and supportive booklets*

*Additional print costs will incurred.

Service Breakdown

  • Your office surveyed and space planned and the iotspot system installed
  • One off payment for a 6 month service (contract with iotspot)
  • Guides and supportive information provided
  • Up and running within 10 days
  • Technical support

Please be aware the service agreement for this service will be between the client and iotspot, Dale Office is offering a supportive service that will support companies to maximise their space and liaise with iotspot to prepare your office. Dale Office’s service will be a one-off set-up fee.

Achieve this using the iotspot app

Live desk booking app

In just a few clicks, staff can book an active (green) desk, based on a floor-plan or other search options from home before visiting the office.

Team Zones

Team zones can be assigned enabling people who need to be in close proximity the opportunity to sit in the same zone. Free desks in these zones if not booked will be opened to the wider office after a certain time.

Scan to sign-in

All desks are equipped with a special NFC sticker to digitise your office. This enables staff to scan and sign into their booked space on arrival. Others can then search for colleagues, enabling them to locate them.


Understand office occupancy over time, analyse and then reduce waste due to no shows.

Manage office capacity

The app live updates as desks are booked. As soon as every desk is booked, any additional bookings will be blocked. You can even manage existing meeting rooms.

Admins set capacity

Blocking desks is done via an admin app. Scan the desk and block it with one click. It will update the office capacity and workspace layout in realtime.

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