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Working Out Your Agile Office Space Cost Per Square Foot: 5 Key Factors To Consider Me

Modern businesses are increasingly considering ditching the standard in favour of more dynamic, agile spaces – which aim to utilise the office space to its full potential – down to every last square foot

Top agile office design trends after COVID-19

What the office will look like after COVID-19 is the subject of much speculation. Here’s what we believe are the top agile design trends in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

How agile working can significantly reduce office operating costs​

By adopting a more agile approach to your workplace and culture, you can reduce overall office operating costs, while simultaneously reaping the benefits of a more happy and fulfilled workforce.

5 common agile design fails to avoid in your office fit out project​

We’ve outlined 5 common agile design “fails” to avoid in your office project, and how you can avoid them to create an agile office that works for you. 

How switching to an agile way of working reduces WFH barriers​

What businesses are currently experiencing isn’t agile working, but a response to a global pandemic. In fact, adopting a real agile way of working could’ve actually helped businesses avoid WFH barriers altogether, and allowed them to adapt to working life under lockdown.

How Agile Is Your Office?

This speedy quiz will give you an idea of how agile your office is currently, as well as a little advice on how you can make your work environment more flexible and forward-thinking. 

Agile Work Zones

For agile working to be successful in a business, it is essential to provide a variety of work settings to enable employees to choose a location that best enables them to tackle the task at hand. Each zone in an agile office has multiple uses and works harder than a traditional office, making the most of the floor plan and minimising the space required.

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