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Protective Screens

Over the past month, Dale Office Interiors has been conducting a survey to understand what business leaders see as their many priorities in the short and long-term post COVID-19 lockdown, and what considerations they see in the build up to the workforce returning to the office environment. To assist organisations as they begin to consider how they get the workforce back into the office environment safely, we have developed a range of tailored services to support you with this sensitive and crucial next step. 

The following services and information offer short and long-term solutions that will assist you with getting your teams back in to the office environment. All the services below are fully project managed by Dale Office Interiors and can be requested as separate services, or a tailored package of multiple services can be generated based on your individual needs.

Social Distancing Solutions

Workplace Refresh

A workplace refresh will offer you and your employees peace of mind that the office they are returning to is a safe and clean environment. 

Social Distancing

Using our social distancing app, the occupancy management tool allows you to control office occupancy whilst ensuring social distancing simply.

Social distancing & Hygiene Screens

From desk based to warehouse workstations, to free standing multi purpose screens, we have solutions that support social distancing and hygiene.

Office Hygiene Solutions

Office entrance hygiene solutions

Solutions to support a clean hands process before employees and visitors enter the office environment.

Deep Cleaning

We can treat your workplace with a fully approved “mist” decontamination process, quickly and safely and at a time of your convenience.

Sanitiser Solutions

A range of sanitiser solutions, that will support organisations to return to the workplace safely, including hand sanitiser gels, office dispensers and wipes.

Supportive Solutions

workplace hygiene & Social distancing assessment

This service provides a clearly defined action plan to provide a safe place of work through a detailed assessment of the key strands of transmission of workplace infections.

Bespoke internal signage

Our trained graphic designers can support you with clear, concise and fully branded internal signage to communicate key messages to employees on their return to the office environment.


To care for home-working and upgrading office furniture to support social distancing and hygiene, we have a range of furniture solutions to enable this flexible working style.





A report focusing on business leaders’ perspectives of the trends and considerations that will shape the post COVID-19 office environment.

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How to support your staff and their mental health whilst home-working

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Hygiene and social distancing assessment

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