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Our Sustainability Journey

In 2021 we held a webinar on environmental sustainability through the lens of the office environment. 

The research undertaken to facilitate such a webinar expanded our understanding of the risks to businesses of all sizes in the short and long term as well as placing the global challenge front and centre in our minds. 

That is why we have decided to make sustainability a core priority in our business from 2022, implementing a net-zero plan and becoming an environmentally conscience organisation. 



As part of continuing commitment to supporting our network we will be documenting our journey to becoming a more sustainable organisation, broadcasting a warts and all biography, that will hopefully educate and inspire other organisations to take up their own sustainability quest, with a better understanding of the steps and considerations that need to taken to design and build a better tomorrow.

Our guide on this journey is Illana Adamson from Be Better and she will be assisting us to navigate this complicated and rewarding adventure. 

Join us for the journey and design and build a better tomorrow with us!

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Latest – Sustainability Vlog

We want to become a more environmentally sustainable business, but where do we start!

In this video, we explore some of the reasons why sustainability and a focus on your environmental impact is more important than you think to your bottom line and the risks, it may pose if you don’t start to act now. 

Video Resource
Understand more about sustainability in your business

Why culture is key to business sustainability

Getting your team onboard is key 
to achieving your business sustainability goals, understand why its important to get your wider team involved!

Sustainability isn’t just about carbon

Learn why looking at just carbon as part of your business sustainability plan may be the wrong thing for your business and the environment!

Reasons for starting our  sustainability journey

There are huge risks and missed opportunities for businesses that are not planning for a more sustainable future, learn why we started our journey! 

Understanding carbon shadow

Reducing carbon is a must but don’t let it stop you from implementing other initiatives whose benefits outweigh the carbon impact! 

Where to start your business sustainability journey

Once you have decided to be  more environmentally conscience as a business, the next question is what are the next steps. In this video we cover how you get started on your journey!

There are business opportunities to becoming more environmentally focused

For many businesses taking a more environmentally sustainable approach has been seen as a expense, but it should be seen as an opportunity.

Reduce your carbon, not just offset it

Carbon offsetting is great but, it shouldn’t be your key environmental strategy, understand why and the actions you should take.  

It’s important you think green or risk your business becoming a zombie

In this video, we explore some of the reasons why sustainability and a focus on your environmental impact is more important than you think to your bottomline. 

Going Green

A webinar that explores why sustainability matters in your business and what to consider when starting your Net-Zero journey.

Learn more about our sustainability expert

Illana Adamson and Be Better

Be Better help to build science-based sustainability into businesses’ environmental strategy so that they can adapt and thrive in a more environmentally conscience world. Illana and Be Better are Dale Office’s trusted partner during this journey. 

Illana Adamson CEO of Be Better and has over 20 years of experience and a BSC hons in Sustainable Development and underwent IEMA training to understand the highest standard frameworks, audits, and reporting for firms. This formal training and her passion for the environment have enabled Illana to offer businesses guidance and in-depth knowledge that has helped them to Be Better.  

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