The perfect synergy between culture and office design

A Design and Build project driven by a understanding of individual and company needs

This was a design and build project that worked hand in hand with company culture to deliver a working environment that enticed people into the office because it delivered on individual needs, in a modern working environment in the 2020’s. 

The perfect mix of office environment
and company culture

The Lablogic project stands as Dale Office’s most intricate and demanding design and build endeavour to date. What made it so? This project required us to distil our accumulated 35 years of experience and adapt it to a post-COVID world, urging our client to surpass conventional work methods in order to fulfil their requirements. Our goal was to craft an office space that not only reflected Lablogic as a company but, more importantly, nurtured Lablogics vibrant organisational culture. We aimed to create a space where Lablogic’s employees naturally gravitated, one that catered to their evolving needs after two years of remote work.

Lablogic desired a versatile headquarters that would captivate individuals and immediately convey the essence of Lablogic’s identity. In addition to this, they sought a space that would support all aspects of their business. To fulfil these objectives, various working zones were created, each possessing the flexibility to serve purposes beyond their primary functions. Among these zones were an on-site laboratory, testing space, training facility, two global AV rooms, collaborative spaces, dedicated workstations, a social area, a gymnasium, and a vast open-plan working environment that interconnected them all. Consolidating these diverse social, business, and private working spaces under one roof proved to be a complex undertaking, but we firmly believe that the Lablogic Group’s Global Headquarters embodies something truly exceptional.

The expectations for this office were exceedingly high, as the expansive 20,000 sq. ft. space had remained unoccupied for several years. Extensive mechanical and electrical work was necessary, in addition to substantial layout modifications to overcome the compartmentalised design implemented by the previous occupant. These fundamental and costly building challenges necessitated diligent management of the overall fit-out budget.

Did we deliver on the project goals?

In the words of the Managing Director of Lablogic:

“The feedback on the office has exceptional. People love it.  We are not only getting back to some of the feelings we had prior to Covid in terms of the camaraderie and teamwork but in a lot of cases, exceeding it. Our staff are proud of their workspace.  So many have brought family and friends round to show it off to them.  That is a real statement.”

Key design considerations

Lablogic’s vision was to create a space that would embody the company’s values and ethos, leaving a lasting impression on both employees and clients. The initial concept involved transforming the ground floor, previously divided into cellular spaces, and the cold, unwelcoming reception area into the vibrant heart of the building. To achieve this, we seized the opportunity to create an aperture in the solid reception wall, connecting the ground floor to the right wing of the building, and establishing a work café and social space that bridged the two areas seamlessly.

This transformation not only enhanced the building’s visual appeal, conveying a sense of importance and warmth, but it also fostered a dynamic energy and buzz as employees interacted and socialised on the ground floor. Meanwhile, clients, interviewees, and employees’ families could experience and embrace the company culture upon entering the building. The expanded reception area now has the capacity to hold townhall meetings. Building on the space’s significance, we designed a media wall to tell the company’s story and promote upcoming social events and products, while also serving as a sound absorber, ensuring excellent acoustics, crafted from our team’s manufactured acoustic boards.

Among the key design features, we took a budget-conscious approach by creating our own crittall glazing, applying unique manifestation to conventional glazed partitions. Additionally, hidden acoustic curtains were utilised to give the lab a dual function as a media suite, enabling Lablogic’s Marketing team to have full control over sound and lighting in the room.

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The perfect mix of office environment and company culture

This office has undergone a remarkable transformation, offering its people an immersive destination experience while addressing both collective and individual needs. It has revolutionised the way both C-suite management and the entire Lablogic team perceive the role of the office. This project has exceeded expectations on every front, enhancing productivity, reigniting the company’s strong post-COVID culture, and revitalising employees’ enthusiasm for working from the office rather than remotely. It has become a social hub where meaningful connections are forged, facilitating effective, collaborative, and creative work. The space intuitively understands its diverse demographics and the unique needs of its individuals, providing tailored experiences that cater to personal interests. Consequently, this has proven instrumental in talent retention and attraction, as the building seamlessly aligns with the business ethos and conveys this message upon entering. 


We know the success of this design not only from the perspective of aesthetics but also from the feedback we gathered through staff interviews, involving directors, managers, and employees. This feedback tells the story of the design’s achievement, which extends far beyond visual appeal. It is a thoughtful design that places people at its core.

In terms of the building structure, this space has truly embraced flexibility, fit for the modern work era. Each area can serve multiple purposes and adapt to the evolving needs of the business, such as expansion or new services. The addition of an onsite gym, training centre, work café, charging points, and the overall aesthetic has elevated the office space to become a key element in the business’s talent attraction and retention strategies, visually representing Lablogic as a thriving enterprise to customers. 

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Take an interactive tour of the Lablogic Office via this 360º walkthrough using your mouse or moving your mobile device.

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