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Head Office Refurbishment  

Project size:
10,000 sq.ft

In just under 8 weeks we transformed this 10,000 sq.ft office into a workplace that is ready to welcome its team back after the pandemic. We created an office that engages with its people on a professional and personal level, whilst delivering a varied range of work settings to support both collaborative and personal working, fit for a modern post-pandemic workforce.


The design journey led to the destination

One of the most important parts of the office refurbishment journey is the design. Our process ensures that the design aligns with the goals, aspirations and budgets of the client. This means every aspect is considered so the design visuals reflect the reality.

With our clients project our design team knew that this office had to have character, it had to tell a story that would feed the imagination of customers, employees, and guests alike, whilst playing a key role in the brand experience.

The character of the office would ensure the our clients goals were met. One key goal was to inspire the beating heart of their business, their people, developing a sense of pride in the workplace, an office that they would want to return to, day after day. This inevitably would feed into another primary objective of ensuring they retain the best talent whilst supporting the attraction of new fresh talent that will feed the company’s growth.

Ground Floor Experience

The ground floor is a mixture of spaces catered to employees, external guests and customers alike. To support these needs, we completely reconfigured the ground floor space, creating a completely new layout with a mix of standard and glazed partitioning to deliver a multifunctional floor that supports everyone that interacts with it.

To do this we created an engaging reception area that offers a glimpse into the office space to the left of the ground floor as you enter, with a multifunctional hybrid space to the right.

Within this hybrid space on the ground floor the reception starts the journey, leading to a space that morphs into a multifunctional area that houses meeting rooms and break out areas that support the hybrid working styles of the team, but also act as a customer and guest experience.


Within this space we have meeting rooms with glazed partitioning, AV facilities, comfortable furniture options and tailored wall graphics that set the tone of the space, strengthening the customer experience.

The expansive break out and kitchen area is equipped with hot and chilled water tap and facilities for the team to relax on lunch breaks. This kitchen/break area also acts as an adhoc and informal meeting space for more relaxed discussions.

First Floor

The reconfiguration of the layout didn’t stop on the ground floor. The first floor was converted into an open-plan space, removing the network of secular-office spaces and reducing the physical barriers between teams, which maximised the floor space to increase the overall capacity to accommodate an expanding team. This reconfiguration future proofs the office and facilitates the organisation’s ambitions of growth, without having to compromise on the ground floor experience.

On the first floor the open-plan office takes centre stage, with separate kitchenette and meeting room space and an executive office. We translated  the brand experience elements from the ground floor into the meeting rooms via wall graphics and branded glazed portioning, continuing the cohesiveness of the design between the floors.

Overall, we delivered a destination office that its people can be proud to return to after the pandemic, that presents the our clients brand in the best possible light, whilst preparing them for growth.

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Head Office refurbishment

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