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Office Fit-out In London's Financial District

King & Shaxson’s new office on Fenchurch Street, London

Design & Build project in London's bustling financial district

King & Shaxson, a prominent asset management and investment firm with a rich history and reputation for financial excellence, sought to rejuvenate their workspace on Fenchurch Street. With the vision of creating an environment that harmonizes productivity, innovation, and sophistication, they entrusted Dale Office Interiors, a renowned office fitout specialist, with this challenging task.

Function & form
in perfect harmony

When King & Shaxson, a respected asset management and investment firm in London’s bustling financial district, embarked on their office fit-out project, they entrusted Dale Offices with a grand vision for their workspace. The project’s success was to be measured not merely in aesthetics but in the functionality and adaptability of the space. King & Shaxson’s aspirations encompassed key deliverables, each meticulously addressed by Dale Offices, resulting in an exceptional office space that reflected the client’s needs, history, and brand identity.

Open Plan Brilliance: King & Shaxson’s primary objective was to create a bright, open-plan space with a clear line of sight across the trading floor. The Dale team skillfully engineered this by optimizing a mix of natural and artificial light and strategically placing workstations to promote transparency and communication. The result was a dynamic, fluid trading floor that fostered collaboration and productivity.

Elegance through Adaptability: The office space needed to be adaptable to meet the changing needs of King & Shaxson’s business. The Dale Office team responded with a simple yet elegant design that could be easily reconfigured to accommodate evolving requirements. This design flexibility was achieved through modular furniture, movable partitions, and a thoughtfully designed layout.

The Heart of Collaboration: At the core of King & Shaxson’s fit-out project was a kitchen that didn’t just cater to hunger but also invited people to break away, relax, and collaborate. It became a hub for informal meetings and spontaneous discussions, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

Versatile Meeting Space: The requirement for a hybrid meeting space was ingeniously addressed. This space could seamlessly adapt for town hall meetings when needed, and on regular days, an operable wall divided it into two separate meeting spaces. It served the dual purpose of supporting special events and everyday operational needs.

Brand-Reflective Design: To mirror King & Shaxson’s brand identity, we employed a simple, clean office design that resonated with the company’s values and ethos. The colour scheme, materials, and overall aesthetics aligned perfectly with the client’s brand image.

Honoring the Company’s Legacy: King & Shaxson’s rich history was commemorated with a feature cabinet crafted by the Dale  design team. This bespoke joinery item also incorporated a lightbox and a graphic showcasing the iconic company brand, paying homage to the firm’s enduring legacy.

The collaboration between King & Shaxson and Dale Offices resulted in a remarkable transformation, where form and function harmonized flawlessly. The space celebrated openness, adaptability, collaboration, and history, all while adhering to the client’s brand image. It’s a testament to the power of design and execution to transform not just physical spaces but also the way people work and interact within them. King & Shaxson’s new office serves as a beacon of modernity and a reflection of the company’s enduring commitment to excellence in the heart of London’s financial district.


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