Desk of the Month April

With Norrie Johnston Founder of Norrie Johnston Recruitment

Things have changed quite drastically since our last instalment of Desk of the Month, our monthly feature showcasing the workstations of successful businesspeople.  As we’re all working from home for the foreseeable future, we’ve asked Norrie Johnston, Chairman and founder of Norrie Johnston Recruitment, to tell us a bit about his home office…

“Norrie Johnston Recruitment is my second recruitment business and we specialise in senior executive search and interim management.  My previous business specialised in online recruitment, so you could say I’m something of a tech enthusiast. Before that I was a senior interim manager myself, so I’m no stranger to working remotely or having to establish a desk
set-up in new surroundings.

“I’ve arranged my home office with space in mind, both physical and mental, so I can easily get on with work but have the option to ‘breakout’ when necessary. 

“The most obvious things you’ll notice straight away is that I get great natural light from the window.  And, despite my love of tech, I still like to have my filing cabinet and bookcases in arms reach.

“The other big thing in the room is the cross-trainer right by my workstation.  I think it’s really important to get exercise in, especially when on lockdown, but I also find it helps me think and reinvigorates me when I’m getting snowed under with work.

“I like to keep my desk very practical and save all the personal stuff for my noticeboard and the walls. You’ll see memories and targets… Notice the Flower of Scotland on the notice board, I was there at Twickenham in 2019, 38 points each!

“When at home I like to work using a large monitor, but I always use my laptop so that I can be flexible and easily move around the country. I use Skype video for conference calls with candidates, customers and colleagues and PR experts so I need fast internet, but you’ve no doubt spotted I also have ye olde landline telephone which does take the occasional call.

“A reliable printer/scanner with large refillable ink tanks that last more than 12 months is a must – a lesson I learnt the hard way. I have a nice little lounge area to take a break, relax and have coffee or watch telly when I’ve had enough of work.

“That’s pretty much the perfect working environment for me and it allows me to continue on even in lockdown!”

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During his corporate life Norrie was a sales and marketing problem solver. He worked with companies as wide ranging as Ricardo International Plc, SAC Technology, IBM, London Electricity, Tunstall Group, Jarvis Porter and

Norrie Johnston Recruitment was founded in 2013 and corporate members of the REC, we support exciting start-ups right through to major blue chip organisations, finding and maximising the highly specialised, senior talent they need – fast.


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