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Social Distancing in the office

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Returning to work after lockdown: How to manage social distancing in the workplace

Returning to work after lockdown, and what the workplace will look like post-pandemic, is becoming increasingly concerning for many businesses.

The Best Collaboration Technology for Businesses Now Working From Home

Understand the varied technological tools available to businesses that will support long term remote working.

40% of businesses believe their staff were more productive when wFH during lockdown – what does this mean for offices after COVID-19?

Working from home in lockdown has proved to be a success for some businesses, but what does this mean for the office on your return? Find out in this blog.

Effective office technologies that will help your business return to work after coronavirus

Technology will be vital for businesses returning to work after lockdown, and for the future. Find out which technologies are most effective, and how you can use them in your office in our blog.

Disadvantages of flexible working after lockdown

We outline five disadvantages of flexible working after lockdown, and how you can mitigate these potential setbacks and get all the benefits that come with flexibility.

How to support your staff and their mental health whilst home-working

We’ve all heard the guidance on how to keep you and your staff in good health during pandemic, but are you looking after their mental health as well?

4 Ergonomics Tips on Setting up a Home Office for Remote Work

We’ve compiled our top 4 ergonomic tips for setting up a home office for remote work that’s built for the long haul – without compromising your health and wellbeing.

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