Office Layout Design Challenges and Solutions

Defining what your company wants from an office redesign is the first step to a successful project.

The examples below show how the experts at Dale Office worked with four diverse companies to transform their office layout design.

Each company had a key goal in mind for what they wanted their new office design to achieve. To find out more, click on the link below most relevant to what you want your office redesign to do:

Introduce Agile Working

Leeds-based law firm Gordons LLP, required a more agile workspace to accommodate a move from four floors to two floors and to encourage a more flexible and collaborate style of working.

The problems

  • Gordons LLP were consolidating their existing space from four to two floors, so the design had to optimise the new space available.
  • The new layout had to be completely bespoke as the company wanted to step away from generic bench-desk workstations.
  • The new space had to accommodate c-suite executives who were now working in the main office area.

Most important layout features

  • Gordons LLP wanted the new design to encourage employee engagement and innovation so the new layout means no-one is sitting back to back. The design includes collaborative and private workspaces to meet internal confidentiality protocol.
  • The updated kitchenette and canteen promotes employee wellbeing by providing staff with a comfortable place to eat, work and socialise with colleagues.
  • Breakout spaces featuring booths and high-back Mr and Mrs chairs create quick informal meeting spaces and encourage more agile working.
  • A multifunctional activity space was included in the design which can be used for a multitude of purposes from socialising and relaxing to more formal meetings.

What type of business would benefit from a layout like this?

  • Professional services sector
  • Companies moving towards a more agile way of working

Below is an example of the rendered image created by Dale Office Interiors at the design stage, alongside an image of the finished space.

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Attract and Retain Staff

Global make-up brand Badgequo needed to transform their 10,500ft² office into a space that would attract, inspire and engage their ever-growing number of employees as well as reflect the company’s brand.

The problems

  • Badgequo wanted an exciting and inspiring office that would help to attract and retain staff, whilst also appealing to investors and more high profile clientele.
  • The existing office had very little branding to reflect the company’s personality.
  • Rapid growth and expansion meant the company was running out of space.

Most important layout features

  • Badgequo are an international company so the office redesign supports this by including a major IT infrastructure overhaul, featuring new booking systems, signing in facilities and AV facilities.
  • An ultra-modern reception area which encapsulates the company’s personality and creates a striking first impression for visitors.
  • The bespoke showroom provides a flexible space to showcase Badgequo’s makeup brands and features movable shelving units to create a range of unique set-ups for events, demonstrations, social gatherings and more formal meetings. This enables consumers to engage with the brand.
  • Smaller booths for quieter spaces to work and private meetings.
  • Bespoke storage to house the company’s hundreds of different products.

What type of business would benefit from a layout like this?

  • Fast growth companies experiencing rapid expansion
  • Businesses operating in new markets
  • Companies specialising in research and development
  • Creative industries
  • International trading or global organisations

Below is the rendered image of what Dale Office Interiors envisenged for Badgequo’s reception area and what the completed area now looks like.

Below on the left is the rendered image produced by Dale Office Interiors of Badgequo’s showroom, alongside an image of the finished space on the right.

Improve Team Integration and Communication

XL Joinery, a market-leading supplier of residential wooden doors, wanted to overhaul their new 15,000ft² office space to integrate different teams, improve employee communication and give their branding a boost.

The problems

  • Cross team integration and communication needed improving so employees could interact more easily.
  • The company needed an office space that would help to improve their branding and showcase themselves as the market-leaders in their industry.

Most important layout features

  • The new office was a blank canvas upon which to create a modern, clean and clear open plan office. The new office is designed to encourage collaboration and communication with increased breakout spaces to suit everything from one-to-one meetings to large boardrooms.
  • The boardrooms are a key design feature and are incorporated in the layout as part of the wider plan to help reflect the company’s position as market-leaders.
  • The layout features new welfare facilities including a smart canteen with a range of seating areas, as well as biophilic features throughout the building to help create a bright and open atmosphere across the entire space.

What type of business would benefit from a layout like this?

  • Businesses looking to optimise the space they have available.
  • Companies looking to reach the next level through strategic growth to attract better investment.
  • Companies that want to invest in their people by updating current facilities.

Below is a before and after example of XL Joinery’s reception area at the design stage and after completion.

Modernise an outdated office

Automotive refinishing company FLP Group needed to modernise their small offices to create a better working environment for existing employees and to accommodate for future growth and expansion.

The problems

  • The dated layout meant teams were segregated and didn’t have access to any collaborative workspaces.
  • The company needed to create a better working environment for employees by modernising the existing space.
  • As well as being modern, the design had to accommodate future growth and expansion.

Most important layout features

  • The modern offices reflect the company’s brand, experience and leading position in their industry. The company’s brand is incorporated into the décor, with swatches of their brand colours highlighted on the walls and flooring.
  • The central tea point provides an ad-hoc meeting space for employees to work and relax in and the unique design provides a contemporary focal point in the centre of the office.
  • The improved boardroom is now modern and sleek to give staff and visitors a comfortable and welcoming place to work and do business.

What type of business would benefit from a layout like this?

  • Small and medium businesses working in the industrial sector.
  • Any company which is long overdue an office update.
  • Companies with traditional office, warehouse and factory spaces.
  • Pre- and post-acquisition businesses.

Below is a before and after example of the boardroom at FLP which compares the rendered image and the actual image of the finished project.

For more information on how to plan an office fit-out, including calculating the various costs and specifications involved, download our free guide below.

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