Dale Island Desks

With Senior Designer, Lauren Close

Dale Island Desks

With Senior Designer
Lauren Close

The grand reopening of Dale Island went so well we have decided to send our next team member to its golden sandy beaches with nothing but a few luxury items, a cassette with five of their most cherished songs and a DVD of their favourite film. Just don’t tell them that they won’t have anything to play it on when they arrive…

This week we have our Senior Designer, Lauren Close. Lauren joined Dale Office in January of 2023 and has been a great addition to the team, offering a wealth of knowledge and creative design flare, as well as fitting in with perfectly with the team. 

So, Lauren, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

“I live in Nottingham with my husband and my daughter.  I have always loved design and that passion developed throughout school and led to me deciding to progress to higher education. 

I graduated from university and then took a job in retail design which was fast paced and exciting, but I wanted to learn more about the buildability of projects and put more effect into the detail side of design. This led me down the path of commercial design, which I have loved ever since.”

Why did you join Dale, Lauren? 

“Before taking the role at Dale, I had spent 3 years as a freelance designer which I enjoyed, but it was quite isolating, and I was looking for a company with a collaborative environment. Design and build really requires a tight-knit team with clear and strong communication and that is what I found with Dale. This along with their incredible back catalogue of work and clients meant when the opportunity to join the team was presented, I jumped at the chance.”

Well, Lauren, you are our second member of the team to be taking a trip to Dale Island, after Danny Tylec survived, I mean enjoyed his time there.  

So, what luxury items will you be taking to the island with you? 

Luxury Items

Frying Pan
“I am always eating, and always thinking about food so cooking on the island is going to be key for me.”

“You spend half your life asleep, no other explanation required”.

BBQ Meat Pack
“I’m a keen cook so a selection of meats to cook with the frying pan is a must.”

Cask of Red Wine
“Because life without wine… no thanks“

“So I can keep warm, cook my food, without having to make a fire myself”


Advice Centre Topics

Recent Project


Fear of the Dark
by Iron Maiden

“Great song to top-up the energy levels if im feeling a bit low”

Nothing else matters
by Metallica

“I just think this is a Beautiful Song”

Music Man
by Black Lace

“This is my 2-year old’s favourite song”

Man who can’t be moved
by The Script

“This is my all-time favourite song”


Elastic heart (Piano Version)
by Sia

“It’s the song that I put on when I need to clear my mind on a design – it calms me.


Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix

“I love all of the Harry Potter films, but this has to be my favourite.”

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