One office chair fits many

Superior product where it matters

Much of the work at Visualsoft involves sitting in front of a computer for hours each day. So, the management team requested that quality task seating be given priority in the furniture budget. Our furniture team met with our supply chain and weighed up the options against client requirements. In the end, they recommended a single type of task chair that would satisfy 98% of Visualsoft’s user requirements for that kind of seating. The German manufactured Viasit F1 chair that we chose delivers value, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness that speaks for itself.

Giving staff the choice

Only 1 out of 204 employees at Visualsoft kept their old chair instead of swapping to the Viasit F1. In the name of fun, aesthetics and user customisation, we supplied the swivel office chair with five different seat pad colours. They were distributed randomly around the office and staff were encouraged to use the colour that appealed to them most. Viasit_chairs

Eliminate office chair squabbles

Due to the incremental growth that happens in companies, offices often find themselves with a hodgepodge of different chair types. The colour and condition may vary quite a bit because of differing purchase dates or budgets at the time. This can lead to petty squabbling amongst staff who feel certain colleagues or entire departments have a better office chair than what they’ve been given. It can imply a degree of favouritism when none was intended, which might harm morale.

Cheap is not always cheerful

A cheap office chair without the proper ergonomic support can wreak havoc on your posture which in turn can negatively affect your spine, muscles and even circulation. The longer you sit, the worse it gets. Furthermore, sitting in an uncomfortable chair can certainly affect your ability to concentrate and perhaps even curb your creativity. A desk is basically a chipboard shelf to hold your computer up. The chair that you’ll be sitting on is where the smart investment is made.
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